Amy Kelly

Director, Absence Management & Pilot Service Center at United Airlines

“When I started working with Janet, I really wanted to understand and process my Leadership Circle Profile 360 feedback report. I wanted to know what my underlying thinking patterns and behaviors were so I could recognize them and make new creative choices rather than continue to get caught in reactive behaviors. I knew this was something I needed to address as it was difficult to accurately assess my behavior— particularly in situations where I felt insecure, scared, or threatened.

After working with Janet, my confidence in my creative leadership competencies has soared, in part because I can now easily identify what triggers my reactive tendencies. Because of my work with her, I had the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and take on a promotional opportunity that will stretch and test my creative competencies in new ways.

Janet was the perfect coach! She is able to be extremely encouraging while firmly pushing you out of your comfort zone. Janet will propel you to new leadership heights by helping you examine your thinking patterns and moving past the ones that don’t serve you.”

Janet worked with Amy 2018-2019.

Guy Blair

VP, IT Operations at Monitor Liability Managers (a W.R. Berkley Company)

“Janet was recommended by my company after other successful coaching partnerships with a few of my leadership peers. I wanted to be coached on people skills. It was difficult to look at situations from another person’s point of view or be open to other ideas as my own ideas may not always be the best approach.

Janet was very understanding and challenged me in a positive manner. The 360 feedback she guided me through opened my eyes to how others perceived me and allowed me to focus and improve where I had room to grow. Janet was a fantastic resource to brainstorm ideas for new approaches, which helped me become confident and effective in my new role.

Working with Janet made me a better listener. I now understand how to get the best out of my team. They are engaged, excited, and comfortable being open and transparent with me— something that made a significant difference in both my position and in my life.

I trusted Janet explicitly and thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

Janet worked with Guy in 2016 as he transitioned to an executive role.

Somer Shindler

Managing Director, Planning and Development in Corporate Real Estate for United Airlines

“I chose to work with Janet because she sees the whole person. She understands that you cannot just focus on work; that people are complicated and layered…and human. She understood that the work needed to be done within me, that it was deeper and more meaningful than coaching to just get to the next level. Others were competent and provided a path and exercises, but Janet knew that this was my own personal journey and one she wanted to be on, with me.

Our coaching conversations are the best part of my week! It is time for me to refuel, reflect and refocus on me and my actions and thoughts. I am able to slow down…breathe…and find answers within myself.

Since working with Janet, I have a renewed sense of trust in myself— an in-the-moment awareness and calmness, especially during stressful periods. I have realized how important and impactful being creative is to my well-being and success, and how having those outlets positively affects my work and personal life. “

Janet has worked with Somer 2018-2019.

Alicia Gabriel

Director, Safety and Compliance at United Airlines

“What I received from working with Janet was so much more than I could have ever expected. Janet has a masterful knack for bringing out clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She is a very rare combination – – coach, analyst, cheerleader, strategic muse – – that guides you where you want to go professionally and personally. And, she does it with warmth, humor and just the right amount of nudging and tough love to keep you on track. Our partnership created an energy that inspired me to take active and shift me to a higher level of achievement and fulfillment.

In my 30 years with United Airlines, this was the best coaching and mentorship opportunity I have had the privilege to take part in. I believe my thinking and actions as a leader have been transformed. More importantly, as a leader of diverse individuals, I am able to make the most of each person’s strengths, communications styles and talents to develop quality solutions.”

Janet worked with Alicia in 2014/2015 when she was a senior manager. She has since been promoted to director.

Jon Gouda

Managing Director, Customer Service, United Airlines (SFO)

“Janet has an incredible ability to put you are ease and challenge you at the same time. She asks insightful questions. She encourages. She is generous and warm and is the true definition of what I value in a coach.

As part of United Airlines’ RISE leadership development program, Janet helped me grow and develop my leadership skill set, specifically developing a clear and rigorous path to creating balance in my life, so that I am even more effective, professionally and personally.

Janet has the skills, experience and passion needed to support you in tackling whatever you want to work toward.”

Janet worked with Jon in 2018-2019.

Christopher Awalt

Director, Customer Success at HAVI, a leader in supply chain management

“In a nutshell, Janet saved my ass. As a result of a challenging situation, my leader “brand” took a bullet. Janet helped me reframe that to be a growth opportunity. It allowed me to step in front of the challenge and transform own mindset, as well as perceptions of my senior leaders. That was in 2014/2015. Not only did I survive, I continued to grow in my leadership within HAVI and with our customers.

Because of the trust that she built with me then, I had the opportunity to re-engage with Janet in 2018. This time, the coaching objectives were around executive presence and effective communication. As part of the coaching engagement, Janet shadowed me, on the job, then provided me with powerful feedback on my communication strengths. Together, we explored possibilities of leveraging those strengths to deepen my relationships with customers and peers. Our partnership provided the foundation for a significant shift in my leadership maturity and impact.

Janet is a trusted resource for our organization, with individuals and teams.”

Chris worked with Janet twice, in 2014/15 and 2018.

Andrew Kretz

President and CEO, Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc

“Coaching with Janet helped me shift my mindset from keeping my bosses happy to leading meaningful organizational success on a global basis.

I came to working with Janet because I was hoping to develop a significant plan to build a better me. While investing the time and money to work on myself seemed a bit selfish at the time, I was really wanting to do an honest self-assessment, develop a personal priority tree (which I still use today) and separate the noise and distraction from the substantial vision that I was wanting to create.

Janet was easy to speak with and was forever positive! She made me feel like she was a real cheerleader for my improvement and supported the deep work that helped me gain the courage to act in an authentic and courageous manner, at work and at home. She was extremely thoughtful about personalizing her approach to help me unlock my own potential. She evolved her coaching around what I needed most, without running me through a set program.

Blessed to have been promoted multiple times, become a CEO, and lead dynamic and diverse teams to record-setting results, I would recommend Janet to anyone interested in feeling more authentic to themselves and more connected to the people around them.

Janet worked with Andy in 2009, when he was President of Dexter Laundry (he now leads the entire holding company)

Amy Heirman

Managing Director, Leadership Development, United Airlines

Janet has been a trusted advisor to us for over ten years. Her unique approach to coaching differentiates her from other coaches, as she incorporates the advanced certifications  and training into her coaching engagements which provides the coachee with an experience that is uncommon in coaching.  She is highly intuitive and has the innate ability to be fully present for her clients.  Janet has worked closely with our HR/LD team to support the individuals she’s coaching and provide feedback/support of our coaching program.  She’s built strong relationships with the rest of coach cadre and has been a strong advocate of our work.
Janet has coached our high potential Directors as part of our Rise program, a curriculum built to increase their readiness to take on the next level of leadership.  She has also been one of our go-to coaches for our Managing Director and VP level leaders.
There are three main goals our executive coaching program:
  • Leaders gain insight and self-awareness about how they’re showing up as leaders with their teams and peers.
  • Through this awareness, the leader and their team reaches heightened levels of performance.
  • Improve and accelerate leaders’ readiness for the next level of leadership.
We have predominantly assigned coaches to leaders who are on a trajectory to be promoted into a senior level role within a short timeframe.  We want to increase their readiness by ensuring they’ve had the support necessary to grow and develop in the roles they are currently in.  In other instances, we have high potential leaders who are struggling with relationships with peers or their team and need a coaching intervention to better understand how they can manage the situation better.  Sustained developmental growth of the individual is a key driver of engaging a leader with an executive coach.
We choose Janet as one of go-to coaches for her high level of experience, the quality of the coaching she provides, her dedication to the relationships she builds with her clients and the growth and impact that comes from her coaching engagements.
Janet has partnered with Amy to support countless leaders at United Airlines since 2009.

Pan Chen

VP, Business Analytics, HAVI

Janet was amazing to work with. She was the coach of all coaches and the leader of all leaders. She understood many aspects of leadership, and she cared a lot more about individual growth. When I worked with Janet, there was always the peaceful atmosphere for self-discovery. She was a great listener and a great guide. Just a few words here and there, led to in-depth thinking that was missing in day-to-day business activities. Sometimes it felt like science, as she leveraged a variety of tools to help me. Most of the time, however, it felt like meditation. She helped me to discover my true self and the true inner world of me, often in words that I would not have otherwise used. Most important of all, every session ended with personal growth. I learned so much about myself, about leadership, about inspiration, from Janet. She was always thoughtful and patient. Her approach was highly customized to my individual situation. She was more than a coach, as I would reach out to her for help / catch up beyond our sessions. And she was always there to help. I felt that I had the most leadership growth with Janet’s help in those years and I will be forever grateful to have got her help.

Marc J. Campbell

SVP, Supply Chain Management and Procurement, Jones, Lang, LaSalle

I was looking to be more productive and effective in a new environment Janet looked to understand me and what I was wanting for my leadership, long before attempting to influence behavior.

Working with Janet was very easy. She’s part coach and therapist who’s able to provide honest and constructive feedback…. in a manner that’s genuine yet effective. The most impact time spent with Janet came as a result of her shadowing me while at work, during various internal and external meetings. Janet provided insightful observations about my style and how it played out with different audiences.

The bottom line is that I grew to be much more effective at navigating and influencing our organization.

Janet worked with Marc 2012-2014