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Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards

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Drawing on the wisdom of the Leadership Circle™ Profile model, leaders, like you, can connect with a data-driven framework and its deep psychological underpinnings. The inherent teaching of the framework, through these cards, also connects you to your own wisdom and intuition. Use this deck to create rituals that nourish you and fuel your leadership effectiveness, at the deepest levels your head and heart are calling for, every day.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Set includes 29 Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards.
  • Each card highlights either a creative leadership competency that is directly correlated with leadership effectiveness or a reactive behavior that limits effectiveness, authentic expression and empowering leadership.
  • Each card will guide you through to a Pivot Message and an inspirational Leadership Message.
  • Ways to use the deck with yourself and your team.
  • A wood block to visibly display your chosen focus card, each day, so that your leadership growth is not an occasional event, but a continuous and accessible process.
Let Navigating Brilliance™ cards inspire you to break through your limitations and tap into the next level of your leadership!

Language: English
Cards : 35 pages, including 29 leadership competency and behavior cards
Dimensions: 5 x 7 x .7 inches
ISBN: 979-8-9880639-0-2