Hello brilliant leader!

We’ve heard from many of you that you want to integrate development into your life and leadership so that growth is not an occasional event, but a continuous, accessible process. And, yet, we know you face tremendous demands on your time.  Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards provide critical insights and create strong positive energy in minutes.

Fuel yourself and your leadership effectiveness

We invite you to incorporate Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards into a daily practice of self-development that supports you in stepping into your brilliance. Drawing on the wisdom of the Leadership Circle Profile model, leaders, like you, can connect with a data-driven framework and its deep psychological underpinnings. The inherent teaching of the framework, through these cards, also connects you to your own wisdom and intuition.

The cards will help you create rituals that nourish you and fuel your leadership effectiveness, at the deepest levels your head and heart are calling for. Your mind may often be full of what you need to get done. Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards encourage a mindfulness about how you are going to do that, guiding you to an easier, clearer, more effective way to lead yourself and others.

Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards are a power
supply that will fuel your sustainable productivity and

What leaders are saying about
Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards

I wanted to share that the cards came right on time. I cracked them open over lunch today after a challenging Monday morning. I asked my question to the universe and I pulled the Decisiveness card which helped to recenter me, re-engage me and inspired me to keep moving things forward with some key decisions and actions.

Ami McReynolds

Chief Equity Officer at Feeding America

I have been a big proponent of the Leadership Circle Profile for over a decade. When I received the Leadership card deck for the LCP I was excited to use it myself and with my coaching clients! Each card provides a deeper understanding of the LCP dimensions and provides actionable ways to practice the leadership skills. Anyone who has taken the LCP would benefit from utilizing the cards. They’re insightful and thought provoking.

Amy Heirman

Principal Owner at The Heirman Group