Somer Shindler

“I chose to work with Janet because she sees the whole person. She understands that you cannot just focus on work; that people are complicated and layered…and human. She understood that the work needed to be done within me, that it was deeper and more meaningful than coaching to just get to the next level. Others were competent and provided a path and exercises, but Janet knew that this was my own personal journey and one she wanted to be on, with me.

Our coaching conversations are the best part of my week! It is time for me to refuel, reflect and refocus on me and my actions and thoughts. I am able to slow down…breathe…and find answers within myself.

Since working with Janet, I have a renewed sense of trust in myself— an in-the-moment awareness and calmness, especially during stressful periods. I have realized how important and impactful being creative is to my well-being and success, and how having those outlets positively affects my work and personal life. “

Janet has worked with Somer 2018-2019.