Pan Chen

Janet was amazing to work with. She was the coach of all coaches and the leader of all leaders. She understood many aspects of leadership, and she cared a lot more about individual growth. When I worked with Janet, there was always the peaceful atmosphere for self-discovery. She was a great listener and a great guide. Just a few words here and there, led to in-depth thinking that was missing in day-to-day business activities. Sometimes it felt like science, as she leveraged a variety of tools to help me. Most of the time, however, it felt like meditation. She helped me to discover my true self and the true inner world of me, often in words that I would not have otherwise used. Most important of all, every session ended with personal growth. I learned so much about myself, about leadership, about inspiration, from Janet. She was always thoughtful and patient. Her approach was highly customized to my individual situation. She was more than a coach, as I would reach out to her for help / catch up beyond our sessions. And she was always there to help. I felt that I had the most leadership growth with Janet’s help in those years and I will be forever grateful to have got her help.