Guy Blair

“Janet was recommended by my company after other successful coaching partnerships with a few of my leadership peers. I wanted to be coached on people skills. It was difficult to look at situations from another person’s point of view or be open to other ideas as my own ideas may not always be the best approach.

Janet was very understanding and challenged me in a positive manner. The 360 feedback she guided me through opened my eyes to how others perceived me and allowed me to focus and improve where I had room to grow. Janet was a fantastic resource to brainstorm ideas for new approaches, which helped me become confident and effective in my new role.

Working with Janet made me a better listener. I now understand how to get the best out of my team. They are engaged, excited, and comfortable being open and transparent with me— something that made a significant difference in both my position and in my life.

I trusted Janet explicitly and thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

Janet worked with Guy in 2016 as he transitioned to an executive role.