Christopher Awalt

“In a nutshell, Janet saved my ass. As a result of a challenging situation, my leader “brand” took a bullet. Janet helped me reframe that to be a growth opportunity. It allowed me to step in front of the challenge and transform own mindset, as well as perceptions of my senior leaders. That was in 2014/2015. Not only did I survive, I continued to grow in my leadership within HAVI and with our customers.

Because of the trust that she built with me then, I had the opportunity to re-engage with Janet in 2018. This time, the coaching objectives were around executive presence and effective communication. As part of the coaching engagement, Janet shadowed me, on the job, then provided me with powerful feedback on my communication strengths. Together, we explored possibilities of leveraging those strengths to deepen my relationships with customers and peers. Our partnership provided the foundation for a significant shift in my leadership maturity and impact.

Janet is a trusted resource for our organization, with individuals and teams.”

Chris worked with Janet twice, in 2014/15 and 2018.