Andrew Kretz

“Coaching with Janet helped me shift my mindset from keeping my bosses happy to leading meaningful organizational success on a global basis.

I came to working with Janet because I was hoping to develop a significant plan to build a better me. While investing the time and money to work on myself seemed a bit selfish at the time, I was really wanting to do an honest self-assessment, develop a personal priority tree (which I still use today) and separate the noise and distraction from the substantial vision that I was wanting to create.

Janet was easy to speak with and was forever positive! She made me feel like she was a real cheerleader for my improvement and supported the deep work that helped me gain the courage to act in an authentic and courageous manner, at work and at home. She was extremely thoughtful about personalizing her approach to help me unlock my own potential. She evolved her coaching around what I needed most, without running me through a set program.

Blessed to have been promoted multiple times, become a CEO, and lead dynamic and diverse teams to record-setting results, I would recommend Janet to anyone interested in feeling more authentic to themselves and more connected to the people around them.

Janet worked with Andy in 2009, when he was President of Dexter Laundry (he now leads the entire holding company)