Amy Kelly

“When I started working with Janet, I really wanted to understand and process my Leadership Circle Profile 360 feedback report. I wanted to know what my underlying thinking patterns and behaviors were so I could recognize them and make new creative choices rather than continue to get caught in reactive behaviors. I knew this was something I needed to address as it was difficult to accurately assess my behavior— particularly in situations where I felt insecure, scared, or threatened.

After working with Janet, my confidence in my creative leadership competencies has soared, in part because I can now easily identify what triggers my reactive tendencies. Because of my work with her, I had the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and take on a promotional opportunity that will stretch and test my creative competencies in new ways.

Janet was the perfect coach! She is able to be extremely encouraging while firmly pushing you out of your comfort zone. Janet will propel you to new leadership heights by helping you examine your thinking patterns and moving past the ones that don’t serve you.”

Janet worked with Amy 2018-2019.