One-on-one coaching

“What are you really wanting?”  That’s a key questions at the heart of each engagement.  We begin with the destination.  What really matters for this leader or this team?  How do they need to grow to stretch beyond where they’ve been and outshine expectations?  Tapping into aspirations and the joy that comes with moving toward them is what fuels the most effective coaching engagements.
The next level of leadership effectiveness
The one-on-one coaching relationship is a powerful gift that allows leaders to pause the crazy speed of life for deeper conversations. Reflection, learning, experimenting and, ultimately, growth to a new level of leadership effectiveness happens when leaders make the most of this gift.
Most people see the world through a highly personal lens with experiences and feelings that drive actions and reactions.  There are times when you need distance in order to gain perspective from a neutral vantage point. Coaching offers a new understanding of the old stories that operate within us, inviting us to create fresh stories that are energizing.  The results are like an upgrade to your operating system.  You…the 3.0 version!
As leaders go up the organization’s ladder, the “air” becomes thinner.  Positive recognition gets rare.  Heck, any feedback on a leader’s impact is sparse and when it comes it is usually in the form of what’s going wrong with the business results or in the leader’s relationships.  There simply aren’t nourishing compliments or even time for self-reflection and renewal.
That’s where coaching comes in.  Leaders trust Janet’s ability to support them to…
  • Enhance their personal development and leadership effectiveness, including influence and positive impact on business performance.
  • Leverage their natural strengths for true competitive advantage.
  • Navigate the tough spots…transforming those difficult situations with clarity of intention and relationship-building conversations.
  • Create an inspiring leadership vision that shapes the future of the organization and its people.
  • Boldly move toward that vision with focus on what really matters most.
Aligning the leader’s own goals for the coaching engagement with what the organization needs to thrive, builds the foundation of the coaching relationship.
“Leadership development is an inside, out, job, as Bill Adams, CEO of The Leadership Circle, says.
“Leadership is a bold, creative act.” ~ Janet Hulet