Creative Facilitation

Status-quo-blowing innovation

Co-creating possibilities that make the future a better place.  That’s the core strength and excitement of creative facilitation work with Janet.
Essential to this work is creating a positive and safe “container”.  As the team leans into this trust, their brains produce more oxytocin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters help us relax, open up and gain access to empathy, connection, judgment and higher innovation capabilities.
Conversations shift from transactional to transformational.
  • Deep listening to the whispers within our heads, hearts and guts, as well as the words and images from others.
  • New connections of thoughts, ideas, possibilities.
  • Risk-taking in an atmosphere of fun and positivity.
  • Ideation, sharing, and experimenting that all activate our ability to co-create with others in powerful new ways.
Look…our brains are wired to reinforce what it knows, what it recognizes and categorizes as familiar. The same thoughts repeatedly lull us into a sense of comfort.  We may not even realize we are in a repetitive loop experience that simply continues status quo thinking, at the expense of what is truly new.  These brain grooves, and the emotions that support the sanctuary of returning there, keep us on well-trodden paths and predictable outcomes.  This comfort zone allows us to look smart, feeling good that we’ve got it “right”.  On a group level, mediocre ideas emerge, driven by the need to reach consensus, avoid conflict, and feel safe.  With the best of intentions to keep us alive and safe, these brain functions inhibit innovation.
Expanding our ideas using deeper parts of our whole brain, that may be less familiar, supports new and innovative thinking. As a C-IQ certified practitioner, Janet leverages what neuroscientists have proven…that this divergent thinking is how the brain forges new connections, at the idea level and actually at the level of the brain tissue itself.  Generating a wealth of ideas, untethered to their pragmatic execution, allows for the best outcomes.
Equal attention is given to divergence, with all its possibilities, and convergence, resulting in truly new, viable ideas that are the ultimate outcome of any brainstorming workshop.  This approach also results in teams feeling tired but energized by the fullness of the creative experience.
At the heart of this work…what really makes a workshop, facilitate by Janet, powerful…is her honoring the Creative Being in each of us and connecting into each participant’s whole brain imagination.
“Creativity is what happens when we put our brains in four-wheel drive and go off road.”
~ Janet Hulet