Meet Janet



Ultimately, what I love about coaching is helping seasoned and successful leaders, as well as high potential teams, find more joy, meaning, connection, and growth in the workplace. It’s no surprise they go on to achieve better results with less effort.

Positivity. Possibilities. Creativity.

Hi, I’m Janet. I’m glad you’re here.

Along with getting an internationally-certified PCC-level coach with an MBA and a handful of certifications in some of the most powerful coaching tools available, you get me.

I live in a land of possibilities, incessantly imagining new ways of thinking, doing, being. I never coach the same way twice. Heck, I rarely cook something the same way twice…a recipe is simply a suggestion. In the kitchen or in the coaching relationship, I trust my gut and listen to my heart.

I am open and wildly curious. That offers you a coach that will get you unstuck and invite you to create new possibilities. As a maximizer, I will challenge you to stretch and grow into your best self, as my eyes see beyond limitations.

I meet you where you’re at and invite you to jump into creating the future you are wanting. What’s next? What really matters? What are you truly wanting to be different? What results are you wanting to deliver next? Together, we co-create inside the safe and sacred space of the coaching relationship.

I believe that by coaching the “whole you”, you will find more meaning in your life, personally and professionally. You forge stronger relationships. You become a more bold and compassionate leader.

Look, I believe that life is meant to feel good to us. Let’s work together to make that happen and make the world a better place.


I believe every person has a unique leadership style, and there is no one coaching solution or format that works best for every person. To best help unlock your personal leadership style, I’ve made a life-long commitment to further develop my skills as a coach. My skills and accreditations include:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC level) with the International Coaches Federation, the gold standard in the coaching industry.
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from CTI, the world’s largest in-person coach training and leadership development organization in the world, since 2009.
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Practitioner. This is the neuroscience of conversations, designed to enable corporate leaders and teams to elevate the quality of conversations and create positive change to bring the organization to the next level of greatness.
  • Certified in the full suite of Leadership Circle tools that support true leadership transformation—change that evolves authentically from the inside out.
    • The field of leadership development is a fragmented collection of theories and practices. The Leadership Circle has taken the best of what has been learned over the last half century and woven it into the first Unified Theory of Leadership Development to arise in the field.
    • The LCP360, a powerful framework that enhances leadership development and effectiveness, with a globally-normed database for rigorous standards.
    • The Leadership Circle Profile measures both competency and underlying assumptions in two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.  This structure offers mind-blowing insights into personal and professional growth.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) Accreditation.  MBTI is the world’s most widely used personality assessment, around for nearly 100 years.  Used in corporate settings, knowledge of personality type a makes people and teams more effective, with profound insights into individual and team development.
  • Franklin Covey’s Five Choices for Extraordinary Productivity
  • The Artist’s Way
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Blue Ocean Shift

During our coaching partnership, you’ll never be prescribed any solutions. Together, we will co-create possibilities to support you stepping into the next level of your leadership. With deep clarity of intention of how you are wanting to shape the world, and a new level of awareness about the impact you have, you will have a strategies tailored to you and your vision for your future.

Ready to take this conversation deeper? Let’s have an exploratory coaching call so you can experience the power of coaching.