Relieve stress. Gain insights. Lead boldly.

As you explore the cards, let Spirit (the Universe, your higher self) speak to you in whatever ways you need at the moment. The idea is that the “right” card will show up to serve you best, simply by your energetic summoning of its message. It’s a gentle divine prompting to get unstuck, stretch into new perspectives, and grow into the next version of yourself. Best leveraged in conjunction with freestyle journaling after your daily drawing of a card, you will tap into your own creative thinking and inspiration.

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Six powerful ways to use
Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards

  1. Choose one card, daily, and allow it to consciously guide your leadership.
  2. Choose one card to resolve a challenging situation.
  3. Ask a question then choose a card and consider how it provides insight or clarity.
  4. Choose a different card weekly for focus and reflection.
  5. Choose one card at the start of each team meeting to integrate leadership development into your ongoing team conversations.
  6. Use this tool in break-out groups at a longer team workshop to dive more deeply into effective leadership competencies.

Want to kick up a level?
I’m happy to strategize even more ways to leverage your
NavigatingBrilliance™ Leadership Card Deck