Hello brilliant LCP coach!

Over the 12+ years as a certified Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Systems practitioner, I found myself wishing for more….more resources to keep the amazing LCP learning alive.

Yet we know that leaders face incredible demands on their time. That is why I created Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards…a fast and easily accessible tool for leaders to instantly reconnect with the power of their Leadership Circle learning.

Power up their LCP learning

These cards provide on-the-job awareness of the impact the leader has on others — both positive and negative — and offer new thought patterns and practical strategies leaders can implement immediately…as soon as their next conversation.

Designed with a description of each creative or reactive competency, written in the first person, leaders can easily step into the leadership development experience, within minutes. They access the competency’s message, how to pivot into it, and then, more fully embody its leadership impact.

I invite you to use these as an adjunct to the LCP experience, one-on-one and in teams. They can also be a valued gift to show your ongoing support to your clients, post-LCP. 

Alternately, Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards can be a starter experience to introduce the power of the LCP in a snapshot, possibly leading to deeper coaching conversations and more LCP assessments.

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Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards will fuel your coaching impact and success!

What LCP coaches are saying about
Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards

Janet has done a remarkable job in the creation of this deck! It has so many uses, both personally and with groups. Each card focuses on a specific dimension from Leadership Circle’s Universal Model of Leadership (UML) ™. I have my typical leadership priorities, and there are also times where a particular situation invites a new “trigger”. I will select the card that best depicts what I am dealing with and keep it handy throughout the day, as a source of inspiration or focus. Other times, I will randomly choose a card, as a means to continue my growth as a leader.
Each card offers leadership best practices, as well as clever Pivot Messages or Elimination Messages.
This deck is a practical resource in helping leaders FUEL their leadership effectiveness!

Mike O’Connor

Vice President Global Community, Leadership Circle

My team and I have been discovering that there are literally endless creative ways to use the Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards. Thank you, Janet, for all the love and effort you put into creating them. The reaction and feedback from our clients has been wonderfully positive, including this from the SVP of Sales for a $Billion tech company….”Thank you! I used my leadership cards today in a meeting. They are an excellent tool or grounding our leadership practice daily.

Catherine Allen

Co-Founder and CEO of AO People Partners LLC