ABOUT Navigating Brilliance™ LEADERSHIP CARDS

ABOUT Navigating Brilliance™ LEADERSHIP CARDS

Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards
expand the conscious practice of leadership

With the complex and volatile whirlwind we live in, it is easy for leaders and their teams to get distracted, to lose focus, energy and productivity. Often, this causes us humans to respond to that uncertainty and anxiety by “taking cover” behind reactive tendencies, which undermine our leadership.

What if one simple tool could disrupt the fast track to reactivity and build creative leadership effectiveness, right on the job?

Integrate leadership development into every day with the Navigating Brilliance™ leadership card deck. Your own growth will no longer be an occasional event but a continuous and easily accessible process.

These Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards were inspired by the concepts of the Universal Model of Leadership™ and its Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 assessment, as the central organizing approach to profound leader and organization transformation.

Trust these cards to guide your leadership, resolve a challenging situation, and provide insight or clarity.

The deck can also be used for team development as you choose one leadership competency for collective focus and learning.

Each of the 29 cards highlight either a creative leadership competency that is directly correlated with empowering leadership or a self-limiting reactive tendency that limits leadership impact. By simply drawing a card, you will gain a deeper awareness around effective leadership and direction on how to more fully step into your best self.

 Navigate your own brilliance every day!