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I wanted to share that the cards came right on time. I cracked them open over lunch today after a challenging Monday morning. I asked my question to the universe and I pulled the Decisiveness card which helped to recenter me, re-engage me and inspired me to keep moving things forward with some key decisions and actions.

Ami McReynolds

Chief Equity Officer, Feeding America

I love the magic of how easily you can use these cards to build on the LCP learnings. They support quick access to both the reactive and creative and offer a mindset pivot and leadership insight. They are a powerful way to bring the energy of the LCP alive in my coaching.

Christina McFadden

Founder and CEO, Blue Door Partners

Just this week I used the Navigating Brilliance™ leadership cards in two coaching sessions. They proved to be so helpful in deepening the client’s understanding of the competency or tendency we were exploring. I could also watch the encouragement they felt with the pivot and leadership message. These cards are really powerful in their effectiveness in teaching and inspiring.

Catherine Allen

Co-Founder and CEO, AO People Partners LLC

The content on each card is succinct and serves the purpose of flipping the switch on the lightbulbs of topics that were front and center when we had our in-person sessions.


Managing Director, Fortune 100 Company

Janet has done a remarkable job in the creation of this deck! It has so many uses, both personally and with groups. Each card focuses on a specific dimension from Leadership Circle’s Universal Model of Leadership (UML) ™. I have my typical leadership priorities, and there are also times where a particular situation invites a new “trigger”. I will select the card that best depicts what I am dealing with and keep it handy throughout the day, as a source of inspiration or focus. Other times, I will randomly choose a card, as a means to continue my growth as a leader.
Each card offers leadership best practices, as well as clever Pivot Messages.
This deck is a practical resource in helping leaders FUEL their leadership effectiveness!

Michael O’Connor

Vice President Global Community, Leadership Circle

I have been a big proponent of the Leadership Circle Profile for over a decade. When I received the Leadership card deck for the LCP I was excited to use it myself and with my coaching clients! Each card provides a deeper understanding of the LCP dimensions and provides actionable ways to practice the leadership skills. Anyone who has taken the LCP would benefit from utilizing the cards. They’re insightful and thought provoking.

Amy Heirman

Principal Owner, The Heirman Group

My team and I have been discovering that there are literally endless creative ways to use the Navigating Brilliance™ Leadership Cards. Thank you, Janet, for all the love and effort you put into creating them. The reaction and feedback from our clients has been wonderfully positive, including this from the SVP of Sales for a $Billion tech company….”Thank you! I used my leadership cards today in a meeting. They are an excellent tool or grounding our leadership practice daily.”

Catherine Allen

Co-Founder and CEO, AO People Partners LLC

The Navigating Brilliance Cards are a unique and wonderful solution to easily incorporate leadership development into a daily activity vs. an occasional event. The physical deck of cards sitting on my desk are the perfect reminder to consciously incorporate development for myself and my team on a consistent basis. Selecting and reading one card each morning and letting it guide me through my day has helped me stay centered and balanced throughout the chaos of the day and improved my focus on better connections with my team on a daily basis. I’ve also found myself choosing a card to help me refocus when I am “stuck” in a challenging situation and need to jump start my creative thinking for problem solving. These cards were amazingly easy to incorporate into my day and are habit forming, I’ve even packed them with me when I am traveling for work.

Amy Kelly

Sr. Director Benefits & Wellbeing, Walmart


Hi, I’m Janet. I’m glad you’re here.

Along with getting an internationally-certified PCC-level coach with an MBA and a handful of certifications in some of the most powerful coaching tools available, you get me.

I live in a land of possibilities, incessantly imagining new ways of thinking, doing, being. I never coach the same way twice. Heck, I rarely cook something the same way twice…a recipe is simply a suggestion. In the kitchen or in the coaching relationship, I trust my gut and listen to my heart.